Canadian Aerothermal




We Design, Install and Service Leading-Edge Heating & Cooling Aerothermal Systems.

Low and High Temperature Efficiency: Other heating and cooling systems come close to the efficiency of Aerothermal. Aerothermal systems have superior distribution of hot and cold air compared to traditional or geothermal forced air systems. At 0 Degrees Celsius, operational heating efficiencies can exceed 400%. At -20 Degrees Celsius, operational heating efficiencies can exceed 200%. Through thermodynamics we are taping into a limitless, natural, non-polluting, energy source for heating and cooling your home or business.

Aerothermal equipment is ideal for most of your heating and cooling needs. Several models in this category are Energy Star Certified, meaning they save you money on your utility bill. Residential applications including sunrooms and additions are made easier with these heat pumps. Our aerothermal systems can provide complete home heating & cooling, as well as spot heating & cooling. Commercially, they are ideal for a wide range of applications.

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